About Us

michaels funny faceAll instruments are handcrafted in Galway, Ireland, by Michael & Paul Vignoles, Jr. Our instruments are played by musicians worldwide & our goal is to provide high quality instruments at a reasonable price. Michael Vignoles is one of a rare breed of craftsmen left in Galway, with the musical instruments born from his Claddagh workshop gracing musicians’ shelves across the world. Born and reared on the cusp of Galway Bay, Michael Vignoles was ensconced in music from his first breath. His mother and father were both excellent vocalists with the melodic notes of Frank Sinatra bouncing form all corners of their Claddagh home.” “When I was growing up, I was really heavily influenced by the radio and groups like Planxty, The Chieftains and The Dubliners. When you listen to that every day something is bound to trip your soul and the sound of the pipes from Planxty really caught me.mike and high kings “In my 20s, Reilly’s on Forster Street was a great place to go to for a session. The best musicians would go there. I would go in with my tape recorder and try and learn the tunes from that. I was self taught to start off, I suppose.” After catching the uileann pipe bug, Michael set about getting his own set. It was during this process that he bumped into Eugene Lambe from Fanore, Co. Clare, who introduced him to the art of pipe building.